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The Riverside Relief Fund is led by REACH Riverside Development Corporation for households in the Riverside housing community. The Fund will offer $250 per month for three months or more (depending on funds raised) to assist you with YOUR immediate needs during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The head of household must register for the program. You can register by calling 302.468.7296 or online by clicking the link below. A copy of your lease for proof of residence is required at pick up for head of household verification and registration confirmation.



Q: Why did you create the Riverside Relief Fund?

A: We want to assist our Riverside neighbors with their needs in a more immediate and direct way - no strings attached.

Q: How can I apply to receive funds?

A: Simply register with us by calling 302.468.7296, online by clicking here. You MUST provide an ID and copy of your lease as proof that you are the head of household and residency.

Q: Do I need to register each month to receive funds?

A: You only need to register once for this program.

Q: Will I receive actual cash?

A: At first distribution, you will receive a debit card (gift card), sponsored by the help of TD Bank. DO NOT get rid of or lose this card! The card is reloadable and all future disbursements will be deposited onto your card.

Q: What can I use the funds for?

A: There are no rules as to what you use the funds for. Only you know exactly what your household needs are during this time. We recommend using it for such things as food, utilities, prescription co-pays, emergency savings, opening a checking account (if you do not have one), or a savings account.

Q: When will we actually receive the funds?

A: We will have the cards loaded by the end of each month, starting in May (depending on funds raised).

Q: If I still have needs, how will I receive additional assistance?

A: Please call us directly at 302.468.7296 to be connected with information and other community resources, depending on your need.



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