Logan Herring Named Most Influential Delawarean!

We are so proud of our very own, Logan Herring, CEO of REACH Riverside, Kingswood Community Center and The Teen Warehouse, for making the list as one of Most Influential Delawareans by Delaware Online. Since 2016, Logan has been committed to the Riverside neighborhood through redevelopment, education, and community health initiatives. Want to learn more about REACH Riverside and its affiliates? Take a look at the excerpt below, read the full article here or learn more about how you can get involved.

“As CEO of REACH Riverside, [Logan] Herring is overseeing one of the most ambitious development projects in the state. The Purpose Build Community project aims to rebuild all of the public housing units in Wilmington’s Riverside Neighborhood and convert it to a mixed-income neighborhood, in addition to making improvements and expanding services at a local school and community center. The idea is to break up concentrated poverty and improve life outcomes in one of the state’s poorest neighborhoods. Some residents are wary, but the project has the attention of influential figures in housing development, and could have ripple effects in northeast Wilmington.”

Photo Credit: Suchat Pederson, Delaware News Journal