The Warehouse gets New Castle County grant to help with programs for teens

Aug 21, 2019 | Press

Author: Joe Irizarry, WDEL – Source Article


The Warehouse, a physical safe space and network of support for Wilmington teens, receives a $10,000 grant from New Castle County for its programs.

The grant is part of the county’s NCC Cares program, which supports non-profit groups and organizations that provide resources or services to the public.

“What happens to young people, youth–not just in school–but out of school matters. It matters to all of us in the Wilmington community, and it matters across our county and across our state we’re excited to support that,” said New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer.

The NCC Cares program has supported 10 groups with more than $70,000 during this fiscal year.

Meyer presented a check on behalf of the NCC Cares to The Warehouse Tuesday, August 20, 2019.  

“I’d like to say as a middle school math teacher at Prestige Academy, as any middle school teacher would know, your worst nightmare is the kids all get together, and now, they’re taking over the building, and it turns out, it’s not our worst fear, but it’s our greatest dream,” said Meyer.

Logan Herring is the CEO of REACH Riverside, and The Warehouse is a pivotal part of the plan for improving the Riverside neighborhood.

“When you think about the teens–they are our next workforce.  In two, three, or four years, they’re going to be the ones running corporations or part of corporations, serving us at restaurants, or commercial retail,” said Herring. “So we want to make sure they’re prepared for life, they’re going off to college so we need to do our part. The county understands that we are just appreciative of them being a partner.”

The Warehouse is designed for teens by teens, and its goal is to give the city’s youth the tools and opportunities they need to become contributing young adults who make a positive difference in the world.

The Warehouse will be guided by five pillars of success: Recreation, Education, Arts, Career, & Health, an acronym for REACH Riverside.

The Warehouse is scheduled to open in January, and those involved said it will provide the positive influence currently missing for teens in the city.


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